As a nonprofit organization, you are faced with a variety of concerns unique to your industry. At Abraham Accounting Solutions we have an advanced understanding of the challenges facing nonprofit organizations when it comes to financial reporting and tax regulations.

Increasingly, nonprofits are being confronted with escalating oversight by the government, as well as donors and the public. Compound this with the constantly-evolving tax regulations and exemption policies that come in to play in nonprofit filings, as well as the heavy weight nonprofit organizations feel to provide transparency to their donors and constituents, and nonprofit organizations are facing a unique set of challenges when dealing with financial reporting. Abraham Accounting Solutions’ experience allows us to provide you with innovative solutions that address those concerns and meet the needs of your organization.

Abraham Accounting Solutions has a thorough understanding of the important factors that determine the success of nonprofit organizations—funding from federal and state agencies as well as individual and corporate donations. These factors not only determine how successful your organization will be, but can also indicate your ability to grow and continue to serve the needs of the community. Our services are tailored to each organization, ensuring that compliance and regulations are met while demonstrating commitment to each organization’s specific values and mission.