At Abraham Business Solutions, PC our dedicated Risk Advisory Team develops customized solutions by accurately assessing and fully understanding the clients’ needs. We focus on the business risks and controls then develop actionable recommendations that lead to reduced business risks, increased efficiency and cost savings.

Abraham Business Solutions, PC provides risk advisory services to a variety of companies in both the public and private sector, as well as government agencies. Our risk-based integrated audit approach combines industry experience with customized services designed to limit risk.

Specialized Services:

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing
    • Internal Control Assessments and Audits
    • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Services

Proven Methodology:

Abraham Business Solutions, PC provides comprehensive services to meet your needs. Our methodology and toolbox go beyond traditional auditing to provide you a cost-effective solution for your service needs. We use a risk-based, entity-wide approach to identify, document, validate, and test internal controls and data. Our methodology is customized to your business needs and includes the following:

  • Integration of COSO Framework
    •  Application of Risk Concepts and Analysis to Facilitate Scope Decisions
    •  Mapping, Documenting, and Evaluating Processes and Controls
    •  Use of Specialized Tools
    •  Advanced Data Analytics
    •  Understanding Your Business Objectives and Risks
    •  Understanding Client Expectations
    •  Assignment of Specialized Resources